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MENU at 160 dirhams

Chef's speciality fish soup
Morocccan salad (tomatoes, sweet peppers,Argan oil)

Tajine of saffron chicken and roasted almonds
Tajine of fish with seasonal vegetables


Seasonal fruit salad
Pancakes filled with orange

Cold Entrées

Morocccan salad (tomatoes, sweet peppers,Argan oil) 45 dh
Chick-pea and apple salad 45 dh
Tabbouleh with mint 50 dh
Farmers salad (cubed bacon, cheese, croutons, walnuts and eggs 60 dh

Hot Entrées

Chef's speciality fish soup 50 dh
Pastilla with fish 85 dh
Pastilla with vegetables

70 dh

Traditional pastilla of chicken, almonds and cinnamon 85 dh
Nems of chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and soya

85 dh


Tajine of saffron chicken  85 dh
Tajine of fish, vegetables and lemon 85 dh
Tajine of beef with tomatoes and caramelised onions 85 dh
Berber tajine of lamb and seasonal vegetables 95 dh
Tajine of honeyed beef and soft dried fruits
Apricots, dates, figs, raisins, prunes, almonds and walnuts)
95 dh
Tajine of lamb with Apples and Figs 95 dh


Escolape of lamb in a white wine and mushroom sauce 95 dh
Fillet of beef in a cream sauce with sautée potatoes 135 dh

Fish (depending on catch of the day)

Fricassee of monk fish marinated in mild spices 120 dh
Stuffed crab 120 dh
Seafood sauerkraut ( with cabbage, Monk FIsh, whiting, shrimp and squid) 130 dh
Fillet of plaice with pan fried mushrooms 120 dh
Fillet of seabass in a lemon cream sauce with tagliatelles of courgettes 130 dh

The Couscous

Our couscous is cooked using traditional Moroccan butter, normal butter and accompanied with vegetables and caramalised onions
Vegetarian couscous with courgettes, carrots, turnip and pumpkin 80 dh
chicken Couscous 90 dh
Beef Couscous 90 dh
lamb Couscous 90 dh
Royal Couscous with three Meats 110 dh

Desert House

House yoghurt 35 dh
Seasonal fresh fruit salad 45 dh
Pancakes filled with orange and cinnamon 50 dh
Dame blanche (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce) 60 dh
Mocha ice cream with honeyed almonds 60 dh
whisky Ice Cream 60 dh
Rum and raisin ice cream 60 dh
Apple and honey pastilla crowned with whiskey ice cream 70 dh

Les boissons

Eau minérale plate 0,5l ou gazeuse 0,5l 15 dh
Eau minérale plate 1,5l ou gazeuse 1l 25 dh
Coca, fanta, sprite, schweppes 20 dh
Jus d'oranges pressées 20 dh
Thé à la menthe, thé noir, verveine 20 dh
Café 20 dh
Café au lait 25 dh
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